Thursday, June 3, 2010

40K Neotube - 6/2/10

There was no doubt this was going to be the video of the week, it's also an opportunity for me to give my review.  So I'm going to mix up my format a bit.  I'm going to put the video before the jump, and then my thoughts after.  So watch the video if you haven't already, and then click through to see what I have to say.

I was so excited for this teaser.  I mean I have soaked in every bit of information about this movie that has been released so far.  I have stared longingly at concept art and 3D models.  So I couldn't wait to get back from my holiday weekend camping (with no internet) to see the trailer.  And while Captain Severus looks good, he looks good doing absolutely nothing.  I mean nothing.  It honestly looks like he's looking at a magazine rack scanning the titles looking for something to flip through to fill the time.  I mean he just looks bored.  Which makes sense, I guess.  He is a Space Marine, and they live for the fight, which there is absolutely none of that in the trailer.  So I guess he might have shown up for trailer day expecting something and instead got to stand on the red X so that the spotlight hit him just right.  The rest of the trailer animation didn't really excite me either, but the voice over work of John Hurt was spectacular.  So while it didn't really build my excitement for the movie up, it didn't tear it down.  Really to sum it up, after watching the trailer I would say "M'eh, not bad.  Not good, but not bad."