Tuesday, June 8, 2010

40K Radio, An Update

40K Radio may not be dead after all.  There is a new site called, of all things, Save 40K Radio.  From 40K Radio contributor, and organizer of the movement, Eldanesh:

 It's been a little over a week now since Spencer announced the cancellation of the show and I think it's time to get some things straightened out...
...I did want to let the community know that Spencer and I have been talking at length about the future of 40K Radio, where he wants to leave it and where it can go from here. One such possibility is that I may take up the reigns of the show in the future depending upon the arrangement. There have been other offers from former Freebooters and other Podcasts as well (you know who you are), and Spencer is weighing those options too.
I was not happy about the end of 40K Radio, so I'm glad to have some apparent good news to follow up with.  40K Radio was one of my favorite podcasts.  Like many people I loved to have it playing in the background as I painted minis.  So hopefully this movement to save 40K Radio can gain momentum.  It won't be the same, but change happens and hopefully this podcast can rise from the ashes.


  1. Agreed, it won't be the same without Spencer, Scott, Chipley, and Jar Jar. I was really geeked thinking Jar Jar was back again, and bummed as hell when, two episodes later, Spencer shut it down. =(

    But if Eldanesh can get 40K Radio off the ground again, I'm all for it. His guest-host gigs went well enough and I'm sure he could put an interesting crew together, so this may be just as good. Here's hoping he gets the wind into his sails that he'll need to get it going.

  2. I'm not so sure.

    During an episode numbered in the late 60s (I forget which) Spencer, Scott and Chipley made an apology as to how they felt they'd let us the listeners down with the QUALITY of their shows. They announced sweeping changes that they guaranteed would sort the show out and make it what everybody wanted.

    The problem is, I don't think a single episode that followed that delivered anything they had promised. During a discussion with a mate of mine - a fellow 40K listener - I said I was considering stopping listening because the show had definitely lost "something". We agreed I would give the show one last shot which turned out to be the show where Jar Jar was brought back on the air.

    Now I have to say that I listened to the show on which Jar Jar made his faux pas that led to his ban for life. I'm not ashamed to say I let it pass and moved on. I had no feelings about his life ban until he reappeared on the show where he and Spencer discussed the Blood Angels.

    It struck me as odd that a lifetime ban would be lifted and even extend to Jar Jar being on the air. Then I learned WHY Scott and Chipley were not available and why Jar Jar had been brought back and I realised - the show just wasn't fun any more.

  3. I think that's the point. Not so much to "get the band back together," because it's too soon for that. But if 40K Radio can live on, rise from the ashes, I'm all for it. It suffered from the quality, but hell I've been doing this blog for a year and I know how it can be to try to generate content regularly with all my family, work, and other nefarious commitments. These guys were doing regular shows they had to generate content for. So you can tell that it was a drag on them. So, while it won't be the same, it would still be nice to have that podcast available to listen to. And maybe after a couple years, when things settle down, and they've had time to recover from everything and time and distance heals the wounds they all have, then maybe the band can get back together. And maybe they can even recapture the magic of what they had. But for now, let's get 40K Radio back.

  4. I will love forever the person who brings back the spirit of 40k Radio... Dice Like Thunder is great an all but its not Spencer... Miss you...