Thursday, June 24, 2010

Brand New Look, Same Mediocre Content

I love this blog.  Really I do.  I may not get to spend the time on it I would like, but in all honesty if I had my way this blog would be my job.  I would gladly spend my day writing about 40K, working on 40K stuff, scanning the interwebernets for all sorts of great 40K news and goodness.  To me, this blog has been a major component of this hobby, having had it since the beginning of when I really got into 40K.

The hobby and the blog are linked.

So believe me when I say that I get bored with the site, it's not the site per se, but the look of the site.  Every now and then I like to mix things up.  So the recent updates to the look are all thanks to the new toys Blogger gave us for site design.  I've also streamlined some of the columns and tabs, splitting out podcasts to be separate from general 40K sites, combining all the different blog groups and sites I link with, little things like that.  All this was just to keep the look and feel fresh for me.

And then this morning I opened up my e-mail.  And I almost fainted from the gloriousness that is my new banner from my buddy Jason.  I liked my old banner, I spent about 30 minutes making it...but seriously when you go from this

to this
Well, who am I to complain?  I mean look at that.  And to give credit where credit is due, because lord knows I don't have the skill and patience for that kind of pure awesomeness, the Ork Warboss pcitured was painted by my buddy Steve.  I suspect we'll be seeing that figure on Cool Mini or Not very soon, and I'll let everyone know when it is up with Steve's other models.

So if any rich, attractive, single women want to talk about what I need to do for them to fund my site, I'm listening.  Oh and let me wake up from that pipe dream so I can thank Steve and Jason for their help, and let me know if you like the new look here.


  1. Awesome new look .... the new blogger design is great. I spruced up mine as well ....

  2. The site facelift looks mighty fine!

    Of course, I'm highly predjudiced at this point, but still... much improved.