Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another "Ultramarines Movie Trips and Falls Out the Gate" Update

Let me say it's nothing personal to Codex Pictures when I say this whole situation with the delayed CE release is ridiculous and should never have gotten this far.

I'm not sure what happened where, but what I do know is that I should not have gotten an e-mail the day the movie was supposed to be released saying it hadn't shipped yet.  Codex today announced that they STILL cannot give a definitive release date.  Why?  What's the problem?  What happened?  When did it happen?  Why did they not tell us until the day the package was supposed to ship?

I've sent 2 e-mail inquiries to Codex regarding this and have received no answer, but based on their latest news update they don't seem to want to tell us what happened.  So until I know where the problem is I will be blaming Codex, and with each day without a release date or anything definitive I can't help but think that this release is a failure.

I hope Games Workshop is watching this closely, because right now their baby isn't being treated with the proper care it deserves, and this release that isn't a release is an embarrassment for everyone involved.

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  1. Yeah, this is pretty much an Epic Fail, unfortunately... the whole saga of getting this thing made, the perfect amount of hype they worked up over time, culminating in a slavering horde of fans chomping at the bit for the product, and then, right when they're about to step over the finish line, they (intentionally or not) smash themselves in the nuts with a 10lb sledgehammer and it all falls into a heap of disappointment and confusion.


    I know it will sort itself out and we'll all be getting what we paid for, but obviously... the moment of their brilliant triumph has been utterly blown.