Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  May Santa bring you lots of 40K goodies, and may your families only roll their eyes occasionally as you open that mini you've been asking for.


  1. It was a 40K Christmas for me! The wife and kids made good use of my GW wishlist. I got:

    Damned Legionnaires pack 3
    Space Marine Casualties
    Another sprue of 40K trees
    Honored Imperium
    Citadel Brush set.

    I was hesitant on putting the Citadel Brush set on my wish list when it came out. It sure looked like a nice of brushes, but my experience with the old GW brushes was not a positive one. The brushes couldn't hold a point to save their lives, and even brand-spanking-new, you'd see wild hairs going off at crazy angles that would never be coaxed back into form. Very aggravating and those brushes were quickly demoted to rough work.

    I haven't painted anything with the new Citadel brushes yet, but I will later today, and then we'll see how they REALLY work, but just mucking around with them a bit I'm happy with how they're holding their points so far.

  2. Awesome collection of goodies there.

    I too had a very Festive and Merry 40K Christmas as well as my family let me just pretty much buy my own Christmas presents and open them up over the weekend. So while I knew I was getting all of this I now officially have in my dirty little mitts:

    Ultramarines the Movie Collectors Edition
    Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition (okay not really 40K, but still Games Workshop)
    Dawn of War: Soulstorm (which I always hated I didn't have)
    Battle for the Abyss
    Ork Barricades