Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dawn of War II: Retribution Space Marine Campaign Heroes Revealed

Relic just released info about the Space Marine Campaign Heroes in Retribution.  Needless to say if I could insert cartoon sound effects used for hot women, I would.  Because this news is altogether excellent.

It is Diomedes that the Retribution campaign for the Space Marines focuses on.
Captain of Chapter Master Kyras’ Honor Guard, Diomedes is a decorated and respected member of the Blood Ravens.

He appeared toward the end of Chaos Rising and I'm intrigued to see how his devotion to Kyras affects his role in the campaign.

Back from previous campaigns are Cyrus who was effective but underused when I played through both Dawn of War II and Chaos Rising (for the record I did use him more in Chaos Rising).  Also it appears Techmarine Martellus survived and is playable in this campaign (cool, but he was the traitor when I played through the campaign...unless they decided that the canonical ending was that our hero fell to Chaos).

However, most intriguing to me is The Ancient:

He gives no name, and instead is known by his rank of ‘Ancient’, the honorific title given to marines who serve as bearers to the Chapter’s sacred standards.   He does not speak, having taken a vow of silence to atone for past sins, but his actions speak volumes on the battlefield.  His abilities vary widely, a testament to his experience and skill earned from centuries of battle.
Any character or unit with an element of mystery is always fascinating to me, so naturally I'm gravitating towards this character initially.

Now I have my gripes that both Avitus and Davian Thule are missing from the list, but Cyrus is included.  Not because I don't like Cyrus, I just loves me my Dreadnaught and Terminators.  I also know one person who is pissed that Gabriel Angelos is not playable again, so any other cripes, concerns, or comments on this news?  I'm all ears.


  1. Cool, I have been playing Dawn of War II again, and this time I am trying not to use Cyrus as much as I did the first time I played. I liked using the sniper rifle.

    Good post and I am excited to play Retribution

  2. I also used Cyrus a lot. Between the cloaking, sniper rifle, satchel charges, and the detonator, his abilities were just too good to pass up most of the time. I think most players saw him as just a squishy marine, but when used with caution, his squad was outright deadly.

  3. Also, for the record, I'm the guy who thinks no Gabriel hero is a criminal act. >=[

  4. I don't want you to think I didn't use him, I just didn't use him as much as I probably could have. I found him very effective and enjoyed using him, and if it was a mission to defend something he was the first one I took.

  5. I suppose the next game will include Gabriel Fucking Angelos and it will be awesome!