Thursday, December 2, 2010

Corporae Doublespeak, or How Codex Talks to Fans

A new update hit the web today regarding the utter failure by Codex to release the Ultramarines Movie on time.

Here's the whole post:

We can update today that the unexpected production issue has been resolved. We still expect and are working to be able to commence shipping next week but are awaiting final confirmation from our suppliers and fulfilment houses.
We apologise once again for the delay in ship date and very much hope to have confirmed information about the new dispatch date tomorrow.
Codex Pictures
This little message sums up everything about this debacle that has pissed me off.  First, no real information was given.  We still don't know what the production issue was that caused the biggest blunder in all things 40K I've ever seen.

Second we are still without an actual ship date.  Look next week is great, but I want something concrete that I can look to, and if Codex is gunshy about making themselves accountable, then they shouldn't have let the first ship date be a failure.

Finally, this was written by a lawyer.  Or at least approved by one.  I don't want vague promises of potential delivery, or phrases like "unexpected production issue".  I want plain English.  I want to know what happened, I want to know what was done to fix it, and I want to know what's been done to make sure it never happens again, and I want to know when I'm getting my stuff I paid for.  And believe me, for Codex's sake, if they are allowed to make another 40K movie (because if I was Games Workshop, I'd be having serious discussions about that) they had better realize that 40K nerds are nerds.  We're smart.  We see through crap like this.  And we won't be watching the buildup around the making of a new movie.  We'll be watching that release date, with torches and pitchforks ready if they screw it up again.

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  1. Well, credit to them for at least saying something day-to-day, even if it's essentially the same thing they said the day before.

    I think they're doing their best in a situation that was foisted on them by one of their production partners, from the sounds of it. I feel like they're trying to be diplomatic about it all, admitting a problem exists without pointing fingers much further than to make sure we know it's not Codex's direct fault.

    They've said the problem was definitely NOT with the movie disc itself, so that leaves the bonus disc, the metal case, the slipcover, or the graphic novel as the suspects.

    Hopefully once it's actually OUT, the quality of the movie will make up for this whole crashing release failure, but you're right: Codex will need to go to extraordinary efforts to assure GW the same thing won't happen with a sequel, cause this a LOT of egg to have on their face after all the buildup and fanfare we gobbled up while waiting.