Friday, February 12, 2010

Chaos Rising: Chaos Multiplayer Heroes - Chaos Lord

With March 11 fast approaching, more and more updates about Chaos Rising are being released, at a faster pace.  Yesterday we got a look at one of the multiplayer heroes available to the Chaos ranks, the Chaos Lord (who is pictured on the cover artwork for the game).

The Chaos Lord hero is a melee specialist that uses brute force and health draining attacks to crush enemies. By choosing the Chaos Lord, you gain the blessings of the Blood God, Khorne, granting you Bloodletters that spawn at the shrines constructed by your Heretics. These daemons will remain for as long as they have Energy, which drains over time, after which they vanish back into the Warp.
More blood for the Blood God.  And more Chaos-y goodness for us to think about.  Read the whole description at the DoW II community site.

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