Monday, February 8, 2010

New Ork, Space Marine, and IG units

So Games Workshop has updated their Advance Orders page with the Battle Missions book, the Space Marine Venerable Dreadnaught, Imperial Guard Chimera, IG Basilisk, and for the Orks (who are near and dear to my heart) the new Deff Dread (pictured), Killa Kans, and Flash Git with Targeting Squig.

Now, First off I love the new Deff Dread model.  Very Orky look, and I love the 4 arms.  The Killa Kans look good, but I was partial to their old models so the updates are nice but weren't as necessary.  I do like how the Deff Dread doesn't look like a bigger Killa Kan.  But, that being said, the Killa Kans need to be in units of 2-3 so having a box that has 3 plastic units versus having to buy them 1 metal model at a time is perfect.  And the Flash Git is great.  And since we didn't have any of the Flash Gitz models I'm loving what we have here, but having it available only through the GW stores or website is pain in the butt, since I don't have a close GW store and I buy from an independent hobby store.

On the Non-Ork front, the Venerable Dred and the IG tanks look pretty cool as well.

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