Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ultramarines The Movie Goodness

More concept art has been uploaded to the Ultramarines Movie Blog.  New images include dueling swords, bolter with scope, ammo crates and this heavy bolter.

There is also a guest blog by Nelson from the Games Workshop licensing depart.  Nelson discusses the attention to detail that I marveled at when the concept art for the blaster rounds was released.

...what Codex Pictures have managed to do with the movie assets, very quickly, is get the form and feel of the weapons and equipment right (or ‘props’ as I now have to remember to call them!), and then go to town on additional details to add an extra layer of realism. Reference has been drawn from the whole of the Warhammer 40,000 background. Every single asset in the movie goes through the various stages of design, and at each stage we have to think about how to make that individual item as ‘40k’ as we can make it, whether it’s a simple Bolt Shell or a Strike Cruiser.
 I was seriously not impressed when I heard Codex was doing the movie, but so far I have yet to see anything in the concept art that doesn't have me excited.

See the test animation of a talking head after the jump.

I was going to post this as this week's 40K Neotube, but while it's cool, it's too short and doesn't show enough.

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