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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chaos Rising Update - The Last Stand and Chaos Marine Multiplayer

Last week Relic announced that there will be two new heroes for The Last Stand included in Chaos Rising.  The first they announced/profiled is the Hive Tyrant.

I always wondered why the 'Nids were left out of The Last Stand.  I mean it's not really a fluff issue since you have Eldar, Orks, and Space Marines working together.  But now I see.  Those dastardly Relic guys kept their hand back to entice us even more with Chaos Rising.

Well played, sirs.  Well played.

Who wants to lay odds that the final hero for The Last Stand is a Chaos Space Marine?

More updates after the Jump.

Today Relic posted a profile of some of the early game multiplayer units that the Chaos Marines will have available to them.

Chaos Heretics are a lightly armored support infantry unit.  Chaos Space Marines are the core infantry unit for the Chaos forces.  And Chaos Havocs are heavy weapons specialists.

You can read all about them at the Dawn of War II community site.

So, is it March yet?  'Cause I can't wait.

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